We have been serving the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area's with lawn care services for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in our innovative approach to lawn care and we are proud to now offer Instant Pricing!

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Top Questions

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are dedicated to delivering quality lawn mowing to your complete satisfaction. If you feel that our work is not satisfactory or you think that we did not show up, simply e-mail info@thelawngeek.com a short request and we will send our lawn mowing crew back to re-mow your lawn at no additional charge – either the same day or the next day!

    • Your request must be submitted within 24 hours of your designated mowing day, otherwise, we will consider the lawn care service provided on that trip satisfactory.
    • Any issues brought to our attention outside the 24 hour window will be addressed on the next designated mowing day.
    • Refunds are not available.
    • If you have the ability to take a picture with your mobile device or a digital camera, please email the image(s) to info@thelawngeek.com. This is a helpful training tool to discuss with our crews.
  • Bi-Weekly Services
    Bi-Weekly Service is the key to a healthy lawn
    Weekly lawn service is the best way to keep your yard looking its best – but we offer bi-weekly lawn care service too. An additional charge per trip for bi-weekly mowing schedules will apply. Please know that most yards will not look their best (in season) with less than weekly lawn mowing service, and our satisfaction guarantee is limited on bi-weekly accounts. If your grass is healthy, tall and growing fast, our lawn mowing crews will mow up to 2 inches off the top and try to make it look as good as possible.
  • Changes/Cancels
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Sometimes, it just can’t be avoided and we try to keep it simple. Here’s how it works.
    • There is no obligation on either party to begin or continue lawn care service.
    • If you cancel your lawn care service before the 8 trip minimum is fulfilled, a one-time service cancellation fee of $45 will apply.
    • If you sign up as a lawn care service customer, we consider you a customer from season to season until you cancel. Cancellations must have 48 hour notice during business hours.
    • No weekend cancellations for the following Monday.
    • You must notify us of changes to your lawn care service the day before your scheduled mowing day in order for them to become effective.
    • All cancellations or changes to any Lawn Geek account must be made by email Monday thru Friday at TheLawnGeek.com.
    • Changes are not effective or valid until a follow up communication has been made by a customer service representative.
  • Service Day/Time
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Prompt lawn care service and your satisfaction are our top priority! The Lawn Geek service crews and office staff work Monday thru Friday, sometimes Saturdays. Our mowing service crews are in certain areas on certain days, so you will be assigned a specific mow day. The lawn mowing crew follows the same route every week, so you will notice they arrive about the same time each week. However, as we add customers, it may change, so we cannot guarantee a time of day. Our lawn mowing crews sometimes work until 7PM, so if your yard is not mowed by 5PM, don’t worry – we’re probably right around the corner!
  • Payments
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Use a credit or debit card to pay for The Lawn Geek lawn care services – it’s easy and convenient. Payment for lawn care service is conveniently billed to your bank or credit card the business day after your designated mowing day, continuously, until you cancel lawn service. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
  • Declined Cards
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Hey, it happens! In the event that your card is declined, we will try the card again the day before your next scheduled lawn mowing day. If the card does not go through a second time, we will cancel the following day’s lawn care service and leave you a phone message. If you respond quickly with another card, we will promptly put you back on the lawn mowing schedule with no late fee or fee for changing cards. If your card is declined more than 3 times in a season, we may cancel lawn care service permanently. The Lawn Geek will file claims against the property that must be settled if a service request is found to be fraudulent.
  • Rain
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We try to finish our routes even on rainy days, unless the entire day is washed out due to torrential downpour. If rain delays your designated lawn mowing day, we delay the remainder of the weekly schedule by one day so we can return and provide lawn care service the very next day. Saturday is the “make-up” day for lawn care service schedules that are delayed due to rain. The Lawn Geeks keep a strict lawn care service schedule and we rely on you to call to skip if you think your lawn is too wet to mow. Skipped lawn mowing days are not rescheduled – to avoid excessively long grass, we recommend that you allow us to mow your lawn wet.
  • Skips
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Need to take a time out? Weekly customers are able to skip their designated lawn mowing day for special circumstances up to twice in a mowing season. Bi-weekly and full-service lawn care service customers cannot skip. If you choose to skip your designated lawn mowing day, we will resume lawn care service on the next designated lawn mowing day on your schedule.
  • Holidays
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Yes, we provide lawn-mowing service on holidays! One of our top priorities is to show up on the designated mow day – and that includes national holidays that fall Monday thru Friday. Since we have hundreds of yards on the lawn-mowing schedule, there is no way we can skip a day & then catch up! If you want us to skip until the next scheduled lawn day send us an email info@thelawngeek.com *During the weeks of Christmas and Thanksgiving our crews run a modified mowing schedule and your regular mow day will temporarily change. Please contact our offices with any questions.
  • We Mow Year-Round
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    No matter the season, The Lawn Geek keeps your yard looking great! The Lawn Geek provides lawn care service year round. We know that it’s important to you that your yard looks nice even in the winter months. Weekly or bi-weekly lawn care service runs from March-December.
    NOTE: You can discontinue lawn care service in January and February, to be resumed again in March; however, we do recommend this Winter lawn care to keep your lawn looking its best.
  • Gates/Pets/Lawn Items
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Keep your yard, your belongings, and your pets safe! If you lock your gate, you can provide us with your combination so we can have access to your property on your lawn mowing days. If you prefer to unlock your gates please make sure they are open on your designated lawn care service day so our crew can service the entire property. Please also make sure that if you unlock your gates for us we have the best contact number on file where you can be reached if we have lawn care service delays or an adjusted holiday schedule. Our lawn mowing crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, however, we cannot guarantee the safety or security of your pet. Our lawn mowing crews will not be able to notify you on their arrival under any circumstance, so we highly recommend that you secure your pet indoors or some other secure location on your designated lawn mowing day. You accept our lawn care service with this provision. All toys, water hoses, extension cords etc. should be cleared prior to your mow day.
  • Weeds
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Weeds aren’t part of our basic lawn care service, but if you need some help, we can provide assistance for an additional charge. Service for removal of weeds from flower beds and bushes is available and charged hourly as described. Get a Quote Now!
  • Lawn Sprinklers/Lighting
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Our lawn mowing crews are always careful around sprinklers – but if we break it, we’ll fix it. If we damage a sprinkler head or drain cap, contact us within a week of the damage and The Lawn Geeks will repair or replace the damaged item at our discretion. We may decide, at our discretion, to provide lawn care service to lawns which have landscape lighting with exposed (above the surface) wiring – but cannot be responsible for damages. Of course, weed eaters aren’t perfect for working around landscape lighting, but we will do our best to protect your property!
  • Pools
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed under CC BY 3.0
    The Lawn Geek does not charge extra for lots that include a pool. The Lawn Geek rates are determined by lawn measurements we will not increase or decrease the quoted lawn care service rate for your yard based on the presence of a pool – regardless of whether there is currently a pool, or whether one is added in the future. Providing lawn care service to a home with a pool involves more edging and line trimming than a home without a pool, and there are also less open areas to mow, but The Lawn Geek chooses not to charge extra for this mowing service.
Get Instant Pricing Now from The Lawn Geek!
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